Take three deep breaths. Now, sing – Oppan Gangnam Style

Critics can discuss the latest K-pop viral song till the cows come home but fans all over the world are listening to it in a loop all day.

Yes, it is not the best song we have heard all week but it is definitely the one that stuck in our heads. In fact, it has been a wriggly little worm that bothers us as we sit in the meeting room trying to concentrate on the agenda to when we get into the crowded bus in the evening on our way home. We cannot wait to get out of that bus, and walk away from people, so we can take a deep breath and then shout at the top of our lungs, “Oppan Gangnam Style!”

It maybe the addictive chorus, the catchy yet hummable tune, or the bizarre video but there is a definite hook somewhere. And we do not have to be K-pop fan to get hooked! People are now calling it a “global phenomenon” and “B-grade” in the same breath. But who cares? Neither we nor the artist, PSY. It bloody ranked number 1 on iTunes and got crazy-millions hits on YouTube.

Park Jae-Sang (PSY) is a 34-year old artist who is known for his unique sense of humor (nice way to say – eccentricity). And while critics are calling his choreography “horse-dance”, he is happily galloping all the way to his bank.

In this single, PSY describes himself as the stylish guy, where Gangnam (a hip neighborhood in Seoul known for shopping and nightlife) is used to depict his upmarket stylish persona. He calls himself various awesome things in the song, including but not limited to – warm, beautiful, sensual, crazy and claims to have bulging ideas and being a flying man who knows a thing or two. And his awesomeness is looking for a girl of matching qualities, especially being able relax over a cup of coffee during the day and go crazy at night. Very specific requirements.

You should note that I may have salivated over all those hot Korean TV stars, but this gonzo oppa is the first one to get a dedicated post here. And now, shake that leg Gangnam Style.


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