Ek Tha Tiger

**Spoilers Galore **

I am writing about this film is not because it was most brilliant or most terrible; but only because I watched a Bollywood film on the big screen after six months, and that makes it special.

Ek Tha Tiger is a spy movie that does not involve much sleuthing. The protagonist is a RAW agent, who goes by the name Tiger after his impressed boss once calls him so, is a rather simple guy who is always on back-to-back assignments. He is seen chasing and killing people until he meets this endearing girl on one of the assignments. Despite warnings from his well-meaning colleague and friend, Tiger falls for her. But as things turn out, the lovely girl is rather lethal. And hence begins a topsy-turvy love story between a RAW and an ISI agent.

The film is rather disappointing as far as the story goes, for it has none. Also, if one starts to look for technical details, like how international secret agencies might operate, you will be greatly disappointed. For unlike Agent Vinod, Tiger operates without fancy gadgets. He gets his orders in person, does the job the way he likes, comes back and reports to his boss at Rashtrapati Bhavan. However, the director successfully intertwines the love story with the espionage as long as you remember that you are watching a romance, not a thriller.

What the movie does well is that it gets you to root for two rogue agents, mostly because you see that the two are being fair to their own respective establishments and to each other. They just want out, but they are not compromising their moral code. Of course, we must continue our suspension of disbelief and not try to relate this to a real life situation.

The film is set in, well, the world. And I love that. It starts in gorgeously visualized alleys of Iraq, shifts to pretty pastures of Dublin, and then to the enticing Istanbul. As if we are not already high on the world’s beauty, the film then takes us to Havana. All this country hopping is interspersed with shots of the Presidential House in Delhi. On this beautiful landscape, the movie places beautiful people, one of them rather old but we can live with that considering we decided to watch the film on our own accord. This beauty is the film’s USP, I suppose.

The film does something very right with its worldliness – it does not have Indians thrown all over. There is nothing more annoying than seeing Indian doctors in Swiss hospitals and Indian cops in Thai police stations. It is also a relief to see some comic lines thrown in here and there by both Salman Khan and Ranvir Shori, who is awesome in his massive beard, without stooping to the slapstick comedy which seems to be the thing in Bollywood currently.

The music is very forgettable, but the film perfects the slow-mo heroism that Bollywood has learned from the South Indian film industries in recent times. So when Tiger kicks ass, the time slows down, apt music plays in the background and we love it, even though we are not huge fans of Salman Khan. Oh, and the action in general is quite sleek. In retrospect, I do not remember any typical dhishoom-dhishoom at all. The chases are quite gripping, and the stunts smartly choreographed. Yes, I did spot a dude as Katreena’s body double in a particular chase sequence in Cuba, but I was too busy following the chase to complain then. Later, of course, I tweeted about it.

In a nutshell, the film is better than the last few action/comedies/romances churned out by the industry and fun was had.


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