So after a very busy half-a-year filled with baby things, I recently got back to pursuing my K-love actively. And one of the first thing I ventured upon was podcasts by the giggly Dramabeans and Girlfriday. As the two giggled about his hotness – Lee Min Ho and their first celebrity crush – Lee Jung Jae, I was reminded of my own celebrity crushes as a teenager.

The only reason I am ready to talk about my childhood celebrity crushes publicly is the fact that the embarrassment is not even close to what I feel when I remember some of my real life crushes. Ugh. Interestingly, my favorite actors have always been different from my crushes. While I gave all my pocket money and lots of my parents’ money to Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan films, they were never my crushes. That illogical part of my brain was reserved for the following. In chronological order of chrushiness:

Akshay Kumar: Tween love, this was. Sometime in 1992, a little while before the blockbuster Khiladi came out, I saw a crappy mishmash of a film called Mr. Bond. While the movie was just very fast rushes of different girls and a lot of singing and dancing with guns, I loved the guy in it. I only found out his name when I saw him next in Khiladi but dude, he had my tweeny heart right then and there. This guy was so fit, so fast, and just so much more amazing than anyone I had ever met. And that is how it began – the strings of celebrity crushes. Akshay had me pwned all the way through early ’90s thanks to his characters in films like Yeh Dillagi and Mohra but then things went downhill with the likes of Tarazu.

Today, Akshay still strikes me as one of the fittest actors in their 40s. I just wish he did fewer of Jokers.

Pierce Brosnan: Even back then, he was this old guy that little me fell in love with. It started when I found Ramington Steele on the television one bored afternoon. And oh my God, I died. Here was this amazingly suave and clever guy with the deepest blue eyes ever. He walked like a leopard and was so witty. I often think I was more in love with Ramington Steele than Brosnan himself. I totally fell heads over heels again when I watched Thomas Crown Affair. I did go on to watch all his movies that I could find. And I love him till date, with all his wrinkles. I even love his crappier movies and totally dug him singing and dancing in Mamma Mia!

And then there was a long lull. I turned sober for almost a decade before I rediscovered the madness of celebrity love with Korean dramas.

Gong Yoo: I was already hooked to K-dramas before I saw Gong Yoo in a very crappy show called – One Fine Day. After the first two episodes, I gave it up and started another recommended show – Coffee Prince. Much to my surprise, Gong Yoo was in it too and was the most lovable character ever. Seriously. If you think that SRK mastered romantic hero art in the ’90s, come watch this show. This is what girls want their man to be like. While I have found way cuter Korean actors (like aforementioned Lee Min Ho), Gong Yoo has been the only one I have had a crush on. The actor was in his mandatory military service at the time I discovered him, and hence, not making anything new. I then dug the K-archives and found every movie and drama he has ever appeared in and watched it with fervor. Much to my joy, the first movie he made after returning was shot in Jaipur, India!

Alright, while this was fun, real life mommy-duty calls now. Later.


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